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Wed Jun 9 00:57:04 1999

Karen of St. Louis, Missouri said...

Mon May 31 17:07:27 1999

Frosty of Strawville, OH said... FRUIT, FRUIT, FRUIT, Yogurt, Yogurt, Yogurt, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle!!!

Sun May 30 06:07:38 1999

Isaac Greater of York, IA said... So to the C3W group, that is what comes from knowing who is actually behind the screens. Just as we have drunk drivers, also do we have drunk keyboarders. And it is very important to know the difference between a corrupt high school teacher making a quick buck off porn from a clinical research specialist working on (....). And what else did you wish to say, drunkard bar owner??

Mon Apr 5 20:56:05 1999

Rick G. of Centerville said... Has anyone noticed what our yards look like this spring? I think that the town of Barnstable D.P.W.should! They really need to find a better way to plow the sidewalks instead of our yards.I would rather get my little footsies a little wet than have to rebuild my lawn every spring.What can be changed to avoid this?

Mon Apr 5 20:42:57 1999

Rick G. of said...

Sat Apr 3 22:19:38 1999

Bruce Dillenbeck of Boston said... Come to Earth Night: Party For The Planet, an exciting benefit for the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) on Saturday night, June 12th. Over 700 people are expected to attend this year's Earth Night to be held at the new Federal Courthouse on Fan Pier on the South Boston waterfront. While supporting one of the oldest environmental organizations in the nation, party-goers will enjoy delicious food and drink from Legal Sea Foods, delight to the sound of the grammy nominated Muir String Quartet, tour the courthouse and bid at live and silent auctions. Tickets are $60 ($50 if purchased before or on May 1, 1999). To find out more about this event or to purchase tickets contact Tracy Cohen at ELM at 617- 742-8822 (email: You can also check us out at our web site:

Thu Mar 4 05:36:08 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, dating, love and romance...

Tue Mar 2 15:19:41 1999

Melissa of Centerville said... Barnstable town planners and other officials - and especially we the voters - need to be considering and helping to implement the design guidelines for Cape Cod put forth in "Designing the Future to Honor the Past" a publication issued by the Cape Cod Commission and Community Vision in coop. w/U.Mass Amherst. This user-friendly oversized paperback addresses issues now in process in Centerville and the Town: roads, lighting, signs, commercial/residential development, planning open space, adaptive reuse, strip redevelopment, good design, legal tools, etc. Check your local library for it or ask the Cape Cod Commission; it's a place to start getting informed and making a positive change.

Mon Sep 21 04:14:18 1998

Francine Bauers of newton, ct said... Trains always travel faster downhill!! EXecept maybe during earthquakes........

Thu Sep 17 04:40:41 1998

ceres lumbar of Amsterdam, AR said... Whoa, doesnt that ABC stringer and Star Trek compulsive know anything. Still believing the MAN 100% even now. Whose bodies?? And ask what the number 70 means anyway!!

Thu Sep 17 03:59:02 1998

LMNOP of St. Sword, MN said... Hey, Casey, the bill is way over due. Don't send it to me!! Try the barroom or rotisserie leagues!!

Thu Sep 17 03:57:13 1998

George Schaumberg of Hohum, ActuaryState said... The student did not order personnel, inside space, cash accounts, or infrastructure services. Too risky business for moi. Sorry!! Too much iron!! Scaly hair!!

Tue Sep 8 13:51:53 1998

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Sat Aug 15 04:16:11 1998

rami crura of Pupitown, WA said... Special at Osterville: STEAMED CLAMS, STEAMED CLAMS!!

Sun Jul 26 16:06:50 1998

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Wed Jul 15 08:25:42 1998

Cass Wiedens of Hilo, HA said... BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, daBOOM !!!!!!!

Sun Jul 12 02:36:15 1998

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Sat Jul 4 04:28:27 1998

Isaac Bean of Scaffolding, NC said... Well, Donald, you asked for a hospital, and you bought a casino. What (expletives deleted) exactly do you expect me to do about it?? Tough it out buddy!!

Thu Jul 2 03:40:37 1998

Alfred Russell of North Point, OR said... Whatever will we do with all the pie? Blackberries and blueberries and golden/green/red mack and tart apples with the neccessity of cinnamon and ginger and mace and allspice and molasses and honey. Pies, pies, pies!! Even a NASA air traffic controller could not coordinate all these pies!! You may point one way or another or even make a set of like minded pies but it's impossible to compute where all the pies must go. Of course, they may be sent to the hotelling circuit or to the limit of how our time, space, and thought expands. But even the picture of a catalog of pies with an elegant french lace backing or plaid table cloths cannot end the infinity of pies we see. Too much!! And what of ala mode?? C'est domeage!! Tres bonne; mes non, mes oui; we may. PIES!!!!!

Mon Mar 9 17:44:31 1998

John Howitt of Marstons Mills MA said... Hello to all Sports Fans, I just moved to the Cape and am trying to locate a Rottisserie Baseball League. Anyone know of one? Thanks for any assistance.

Wed Jan 28 00:02:34 1998

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Sat Jan 24 20:26:26 1998

Bob. M. of Centerville said... This is great!! Just discovered the site. Am wintering in Ft. Lauderdale, but live in Centerville. Please reply...... Bob.

Tue Dec 9 23:59:22 1997

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Fri Nov 28 16:38:42 1997

charles of centerville said... This bulletin board is a great idea. But obviously inactive. Anyone know if there is a computer club on the Cape? If not, should we start one?

Mon Nov 10 20:09:10 1997

Mel of Barnstable said... Never thought I'd say it, but I actually miss the place! I guess I am a true native.

Sun Oct 19 01:30:42 1997

Scott Perkins of Centerville said... I moved to Worcester from Centerville 12 years ago. Don't make the same mistake I did. The Cape rules! Any BHS '78 grads? 20 years next year!

Sat Jun 28 09:16:53 1997

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Sat May 31 18:30:34 1997


Mon Apr 28 09:23:00 1997

Stan Grayson of Fleetwood, NY said... Would appreciate a recommended list of Portuguese Restuarants located in the Hyannis-Provincetown general area. Thanks for your assistance. Stan Grayson

Mon Apr 28 08:57:07 1997

Stan Grayson of New York said... Looking for clear detailed set of driving instructions from Westchester N.Y, to the 4-Corners Motor Lodge in Centerville. Thanks for your assistance. Stan Grayson

Mon Apr 28 08:53:47 1997

Tue Apr 1 12:28:13 1997

Emg of Long Island NY said... I just wanted to say hello to my relatives in Centerville and tell you all how much I enjoy visiting Centerville. You have a very beautiful town and should be very proud of it,

Wed Mar 26 15:39:19 1997

tom Kelleher of Pepperell said... If your town has an american legion post that operates w/o a liquor license, could you please let me know via e-mail. This is for an informal survey for a local interest issue in my town Thanks!

Fri Mar 14 14:14:25 1997

Mark Bonczek of Auburn said... I am looking for any family that might need a house nanny for the summer. If there is anyone that may need this service please contact me. Thank you.

Tue Mar 4 14:21:39 1997

Charles Greens of New York City said... Hey! Are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses out there? We'd like hearing from you, if there are. Thanks

Tue Mar 4 11:41:38 1997

Cappy said... just driving by and saying hi...

Sat Feb 15 04:14:23 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive car for you. Professional returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs exp. Perfect driving record. email:

Thu Apr 4 18:46:31 1996

aajay of centterville said... 4/4/96 I think this is not working very well, I'm almost the only one paying attention. Please someone join me.