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Fri Jul 23 02:23:17 1999

Boompa of i know said... Hi, Eileen!!! It is Boompa calling!!!

Sat Jun 19 05:36:07 1999

Daniele Sigalot of Rome, Italy said... Hi I am an italian student coming to the Cape this summer, I already found a job, now I just need a place to live and I'll be free from problems. If you have a room to rent I'll be more than pleased to receive your email. My address is wlalasagna@tiscalinet.it Thanks and ciao a tutti.

Sun Jun 6 17:18:11 1999

Ca+2pase@sergei.com of YOURS said... Well, Donald, yet another time you show that to you a picture of food is just the same as having the real thing. As I have said, ooo it is Mrs. Bier and the cookbook club!! Having survived several famines per your work as well as a third world simulated research on survival agriculture... there is nothing at all like repeated and consistent empirical field evidence. So now everyone knows......as they say, you can fool some of the people..............

Tue Jun 1 14:02:25 1999

Miss Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy of Carrotville, WA said... Oooooo, it's a party!! May I come, too?? =:-}

Wed May 19 13:07:39 1999

Linda of Plymouth said... I have an old electrified church pump organ with a dedication plate Alice Macombe, serive from 1906 to 1908. I am selling the instrument and am looking for family first. e-mail, or call 508-746-9585

Thu Apr 29 20:54:52 1999

Matt Audi of Summit said... To repond to Matt Audi please email maudi24@home.com Thanks to anyone who can help.

Thu Apr 29 08:16:19 1999

Nathaniel of Christchurch NZ said... Hi my name is Nathaniel, and I am currently living and working as a Bar tender in Londons city east end but would like to come and work in Cape cod for the summer. If anyone could help me with any information I would be extremly grateful.My address is Gonathaniel@yahoo.com

Wed Apr 28 10:41:39 1999

Matt Audi of Summit, NJ said... I am going to live in Chatham all summer. Would like a job! I'm available from June 28-Labor Day. I'm 15, high school sophmore, honor student, reliable and hardworking. Please email me if you know of any opportunities in town. Thanks

Sun Mar 28 07:59:41 1999

Maggee said... Recent college graduate who is now working professionally would like to housesit for the summer. Have an indoor cat, but could make other arrangements if necessary. Would live in house rent free or low rent in exchange for housesitting or petsitting services. Have references, and am very responsible.

Mon Mar 8 08:42:32 1999

Tom Smith said... To respond to the request by Tom Smith, please e-mail me at Smithvn@bc. edu. Thank you.

Mon Mar 8 08:40:17 1999

Tom Smith of Simsbury, CT said... I am a 22 year-old college student looking for cheap housing somewhere on the lower cape, mainly in Chatham. I Am interested in a private room or small apartment to sleep only while taking summer courses and working for the Chatham Park Department. Price is a concern but living conditions are not.

Thu Mar 4 05:38:47 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... http://www.capecodpersonals.com/ Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, dating, love and romance...

Thu Feb 25 12:22:57 1999

Don Palmerino said... Read how Cape Cod Realtors® turn a six month listing contract to sell property into a life long obligation for the seller. One tactic and story they do NOT want you to know about. See http://web.meganet.net/~janson/realty.htm

Mon Feb 1 13:54:52 1999

Sean Reilly of South Boston said... I'm looking for a 3+ bedroom rental for July and August of 1999. Location is not important, but cost is. Any information will be appreciated.

Sat Jan 23 15:57:57 1999

Kathy of Amherst, NH said... Looking for a 3 BR summer rental 8/7-8/21/99 in the Hardings Beach area. We vacation in Chatham every summer and our planned accomodations just fell through...

Mon Jan 11 20:31:30 1999

Scott Mensi of Avon CT said... A few friends and I are hoping to stay in Chatham from late June to early August and we were wondering if there were any 2-3 bedroom homes available to rent. Thank you

Thu Oct 8 07:47:14 1998

Grace Wohlsen of West Hartford, CT said... Looking to buy a summer cabin-type cottage like the ones in Mashpatuxett Village off Cockle Cove Road.

Thu Oct 1 17:39:58 1998

Kathy Kopito of Weston, FL said... My husband and I are orginally from NY, relocated to MD in 1984, and to FL in 1995. We used to vacation in Cape Cod every year. We would like to exchange a week or two vacation time in Cape Cod for an equal time stay at our lovely condo on Marco Island, FL. Condo is 2 bedroom, 2 bath, first floor, modern, clean, 1 1/2 miles to beach. Exchange times are negotiable. Anyone interested?

Thu Sep 17 04:08:41 1998

Gladys Charles of Kray, PA said... It was the writing that was important, not the little pictures for a brief levity. I know, I know - - you can't read those big words. But then, I will not be so abused by neglect. Find a different sponsor - - simple matter!! niteo...

Thu Sep 17 03:50:12 1998

Charles Hanbor of Bamberger, VA said... I do not drink liquor. I do not wear T shirts. I do not obsess on cookies. I want my coat; I want my muffins. If you do not like pythagoras; float over the roads to whereever!!

Wed Aug 26 08:32:01 1998

Laura Jordan of Superior, WI said... I am looking to nanny during the 1999 summer. I am a college student majoring in elementary education minoring in coaching and math. I have a lot of experience in working with children of all ages. I am very enthusiastic and creative. Call at 715-426-5313 or email at laura.a.jordan@uwrf.edu!!!!!

Tue Aug 18 22:42:25 1998

Richard of Wallingford, Ct. said... Memories of your town are endless from my childhood. Chatham Light, night games at Veterens Field, Main Street shopping and Harding Beach. Thanks for the great times!!

Sun Jul 26 17:07:35 1998

Ed of Moorestown, N.J. said... We're looking for a seasonal rental for summer of "99. 3 Br, 2 Baths. Immaculate, upscale, fully equipped, close to town or water. Ceiling fans or A/C would help for those few hot muggy nights.

Thu Jun 18 17:40:03 1998

Shar of Houston, Tx said... I will be in Chatham Sept 12-20. I would like to find out about sailing. Is this too late in the season? Are there any sailing trips? I am not a sailor yet, just wanting to be and planning on taking sailing lessons. Please pass on any information for this time frame. I just want to go sailing. thanks.

Tue Jun 16 13:30:57 1998

Gary Rayner of Sidcup, England said... English couple + 2 young sons looking to escape from S.E. London to Chatham for 2 weeks in late July/ early Aug 1999. we are looking for a comfortable 2/3 bedroom house to rent , close to beaches. Please EMail Gary at grayner716@aol.com

Wed May 20 19:33:12 1998


Thu Mar 12 14:11:09 1998

Leslie of Ptown said... HUGE YARD SALE on Saturday March 21 Opens at 9:30 AM Moving In Sale!! Lots of furniture, antiques, garden tools, metal detector, Objects D'art, Waher & Dryer, windsurfer, Scuba gear, wetsuit, Something for everyone!! 592A Commercial St. adjacent to the DNA Gallery (on Bradford st) The Washer and Dryer, windsurfer, are located in East Dennis right now. If you have any interest in them, please call ahead at 617-722-9708 or email lestutsman@aol.com

Tue Feb 24 17:00:01 1998

Tricia Balatico of Trinity College/Hartford,Ct said... Four girls looking for a cheap summer rental. Have heard great things about Chatham and would love to live there this summer.

Sun Jan 18 17:52:24 1998

chip of florence said... Hello surf fishers I'm looking for info on Chatam light. When do the stripers first hit Pleasant Bay. Any info will be appriciated. Thanks Chip

Wed Dec 10 00:01:29 1997

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Wed Nov 5 14:13:46 1997

LInda of Eastham said... Teens, moms, dads, need counseling for yourself or a family member, e-mail for further information

Thu Oct 30 12:16:01 1997

Ben Hallowell of Coronado, Ca. said... Would like to hear from anyone about Cape Cod League baseball, esp the old town team days in the '50s.

Sun Oct 19 23:41:59 1997

Brie Zeltner of Novelty, Ohio said... I am looking for a veterinary internship for the summer of 1998. I am a currently a Wellesley College student interested in veterinary career. Thank you for any information!

Mon Aug 11 19:40:14 1997

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Mon Jul 28 10:23:53 1997

Sarah Duffy of Rosslyn, VA said... Chatham Rocks! Been going since a baby and now I am bringing my baby there next week! I love the Light House and Main Street - It's like a 'make believe town'

Thu Jul 10 09:48:14 1997

Margaret Kinnard of Ann Arbor, MI said... We are going to be staying in Chatham August 9 to August 16 and will need an experienced babysitter intermittently throughout that week for our 2 and 5 year old children. Please email if you are interested or know of someone.

Tue Jul 1 21:27:25 1997

Bill Moreland of Acushnet MA said... Would someone please take the time to either send me directions or tell me where to get directions to places on Cape Cod where I can take my Jeep down on the beach for the purpose of surf fishing. I was born and raised in southeastern VA and really miss being able to pack up and drive on the beach and set up and fish all day without the crowds on the piers. Please help an old Hatterass beach rat thanks, Bill Moreland BMoreland@AOL.com

Sat Jun 28 20:46:47 1997

Roy of Ringwood NJ said... We visit the Cape a few times a yaer.We need to know what resturant serves Quahogs on the 1/2 shell and not stuffed or baked.? Thanks

Fri Jun 20 13:47:58 1997

Sun Apr 27 10:40:01 1997

Dave Van der Brug of Toronto/Harwich said... Looks great is there one for Harwich?

Wed Apr 16 18:08:20 1997

susannah jackson of reno said... hey everyone...surfs up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat Apr 12 16:43:59 1997

meredith madden of new hartford said... Two 20 year old college sophmores are looking for summer employment and housing on the cape. If anyone knows of any houses with extra space please let us know. Thanks, Sara and Meredith "Seashore washed by the suds and foam, been here so long we've got to callin' it home."

Tue Apr 8 14:57:39 1997

Alexandra V. von Gymnich of Toluca Lake, CA said... If anyone is looking for a nanny or a summer babysitter starting in mid May and ending in August on Cape Cod you have found your girl. I have lots of experience which comes with tons of references. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Tue Apr 8 14:48:53 1997

Thu Apr 3 20:07:47 1997

Katherine & Kurt of Boston/ Freeport ME said... Hello, I am searching for a place to live, a 1 bedroom apartment, studio apartment, an apartment in or with a home, or a room in an apartment, Kurt (whome the place is for, but it is my e-mail so...) is a responsible (22yr old) college graduate who has found work in Chatham. He is willing to have roomates. He has a <$500 limit. Thanks Kurt Arsenault (&Katherine DeSilva)

Tue Apr 1 16:13:35 1997

Chantal of Washington,D.C. said... Looking for any summer/permanent job info. on the Cape, including baby or housesitting. Pls. contact with any leads!

Fri Mar 14 14:16:38 1997

Mark Bonczek of Auburn said... I am looking for any family that might need a house nanny for the summer. If there is anyone that may need this service please contact me. Thank you.

Tue Mar 4 14:17:37 1997

Charles Greene of New York City said... Hey! Are there any Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses out there? We'd like to hear from them if there are. Thanks!

Wed Feb 19 15:07:52 1997

Christopher McInnis of Orono, Maine said... I have been considering relocating to the Cape. I have been doing some research and Chatham sounds like a wonderful place to live. I can't find any info on apartment rentals...HELP!! Please post a message or respond to 596 college avenue Orono, Maine 04473.

Mon Feb 17 16:47:24 1997

Connie Philips-Alfera of Tallmadge, Ohio said... I am working on an eminent domain case and was told one started 1989 City of Chatham vs. Chatham Bars Inn which resulted years later after appeals in an almost $10 million payout by the city for the land. A local here had spent time in Chatham then brought back info about this. Can anyone help me find a Net connection to download the case, or address to write to for copies? Thanks!

Sat Feb 15 04:20:20 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive for you. Professional returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs exp. Perfect driving record. email: mamasi@capecod.net

Tue Jul 23 01:00:04 1996

of said...

Sun Jul 21 16:08:24 1996

Becki Brady of Alexandria, VA said... Would like information on hiring a babysitter in Chatham during the last week in August. Please reply by E-mail. Children are 4 and 8 years old.

Mon Jul 15 21:46:22 1996

John Stipe of Athens, GA said... What is the best beach to go to in Chatham that have a lot of surf and parking nearby?

Fri May 31 19:43:23 1996

Gina of yarmouth said... I think it's great.I don't for one moment agree with killing animals , but it's pretty done sad when the gulls are in the middle of Camp st.How about bringing the gulls over here some of that food?

Mon Apr 8 01:06:28 1996

Linda Simpson of Manchester, NH said... I need the address of a house fire on Feb. 11 1996. Please help.

Fri Mar 29 19:05:43 1996

Chris Terry of Winterpark,FL/Chatm said... I miss Chatham! Hope they remove the fence at the lighthouse. Iam at school in Florida. Its the logest time Ive been away from the northeast wind. See you in Jan.97!