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Sun Jul 25 03:06:59 1999

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Mon Jul 12 01:46:06 1999

ICD 23 of said... Rosary has never, neverever, even thought about exactly what it takes to actually produce her demands. So, hon, you are stuck!! Love, you!!

Sun Jul 11 04:59:25 1999

Euclid of Athens, MO said... Saw a guy in a polo shirt that said:......we live on the earth and make sure the buildings do not fall down and that highways are travelable. We are sane.

Mon Jul 5 07:54:09 1999

Pat of Dennisport said... Saw a guy on Sea Street Beach with a tshirt that said "HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN ". It had an outline of the Cape and all the exit signs that appear on Route 6. I was too shy to ask him where he got this COOL shirt. Anyone happen to know...I have to have one! Thanks ...hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful Cape!

Sun Jul 4 00:11:46 1999

paw of together said... Well, everything is located. I even did the Singing in the Rain bit at the Morton Store......splish, splash, plittering feetses,,,when??

Sat Jun 26 09:26:49 1999

it must be of you know where said... well, love, they are STILL stuck in the barroom. yuck!! but then, so what else is new......same old same old,,,"consistently representative of past rep" according to......

Thu Jun 24 22:34:49 1999

your one and only of there said... regarding your message, it uses the base e (natural) system....i know you need me to do that <|:O)

Mon Jun 21 04:09:41 1999

millee of OMY said... THEY did NOT have surgical shears at the "airport", typical!! And still they demand a toitoi, not likely!! Have fun, dear.

Tue Jun 15 03:29:50 1999

him of said... Don't forget our webpage at Thanks, dear, have fun!!

Mon Jun 14 18:05:57 1999

littleflower of lyon said... Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us swimmers, now and at the hour of our deat.

Fri Jun 4 07:52:49 1999

The Grand Poobah of Guess!! said... Well, my darling dear, I hope you are able to wear your faded and washed levis while counting all the low rents and checking to see if Henry remembered to see the glaze donuts are hot and gooey enough, and all with a wheat grass milk shake!!! Shoulders back; head up; tum, tum tight!! <|:o)~

Sat May 29 07:54:16 1999

Frusu Crose of Pepperroni, OH said... Well, the MIT mechanics fan club has reached the VA support group for the Worchester curbing "hot spots" recovery society. I see Arthur is doing "posts" and "beams". My own focus is heading to whether or not gravity is supremum to intersection. I suppose, my love(or so everyone now tells me, hehe), we will again connect( <|:o( )......WHEN???? My love as always is sent. {Your one and only!!}

Sun May 9 02:19:29 1999

Bauers Offmot of nearby said... i detest second hand smoke, alcoholic beverages; and even the Holiday Inn has wheelchair bathrooms. i survived and live to tell!! snuggles. :o)

Sat May 8 07:56:55 1999

Neesee Weesee of somewhere outthere said... owell, baumbs away!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri May 7 08:17:43 1999 of with you, my sweet said... yes, kinderhook is beautiful, mimi. i love and totally adore you. bill singer, really, ha, ha; so that is it!! see you at the hilton or sheraton. i give you all my love until we are together again. Oralee............. 6

Sat Apr 17 17:34:24 1999 of you guessed it said... Credits we have; cash equivalents, not. Maybe the local homeless center has a slot, dishwashing?? Good wishes to your search.

Sat Apr 17 16:35:28 1999

Norther Whale of Nice, France said... My love, my dear, my was not the idea or the crowd; it was all the booze. I never, never, never attend boozers. NEVER, EVER. Eewww, too risky!! Cest la vie, cest domage!!

Fri Apr 9 18:55:03 1999

Shanique of Buffalo, new york said... I am also looking for employmennt opportunities. My E-Mail adress is please contact me as soon as possible- thank you!

Fri Apr 9 18:45:00 1999

shanique scott of buffalo, new york said... Maggee-I'm also looking for a roomate for the summer- in dennis- please e-mail me when you recieve this message- i'm serious about finding a place- and if there is anyone else who needs a roomate or house sitter please contact me- i am a graduate student at the university at buffalo- if you need references i can provide that also.

Fri Apr 9 18:40:10 1999

Shanique Scott of Buffalo new york said...

Sun Apr 4 22:17:26 1999

poobah of With You said... All right!!

Sun Apr 4 22:14:02 1999

poobah of With You said... All right!!

Sun Mar 28 07:56:16 1999

Maggee of Dennis said... I am looking to housesit for the summer of 99. Have a cat, but could make other arrangement.s Would be interested in living in the house rent free or low rent in exchange for housesitting. I do have references if needed, and am very responsible. I have no problem with taking care of pets (I have 2 dogs and 2 cats at my home in NY). Please write if interested.

Sun Mar 28 07:47:12 1999

Maggee of Dennis said... I am currently looking for a roommate(s) for either the summer months or longer. It is a big duplex apartment and the bedroom available is big!!!!! If you are interested, please write.

Sat Mar 27 09:23:01 1999

Quentin of Calcutta, India said... Well, Maria, the thoughtful and helping comments, references, and citations to my articles were both appreciated and unexpectedly supportive. Right............

Sat Mar 27 08:52:11 1999

Fred of Mysore, India said... Well, Mary, looking at the current schedule, despite the usual demands; they still hate me!!! May your blue footed booby always fly high......

Sat Mar 20 09:17:45 1999

White Fudge of enid, OK said... Margaret, I m home!!

Thu Mar 4 06:06:47 1999

CAPE COD PERSONALS.COM of Cape Cod said... Online Cape Cod Personal Ads, Dating, Love & Romance...

Thu Feb 25 12:27:15 1999

Don Palmerino said... Read how Cape Cod Realtors® turn a six month listing contract to sell property into a life long obligation for the seller. One tactic and story they do NOT want you to know about. See

Thu Feb 18 09:30:49 1999


Wed Feb 17 17:55:06 1999

Father & Son's Landscaping of Dennisport said... We are looking for a few more lawn service and landscaping clients for 1999. Stone work is our specialty. Ask around about our reputation - our work speaks for itself!

Wed Feb 17 11:27:26 1999

Melissa & Erica of Glastonbury, CT said... Hello, my friend and I are looking to live on the cape for the summer. If anyone has any info about house or apartment rentals, could you please contact us. Thank you.

Sat Feb 13 04:30:37 1999

Rockee Hamilton of nyc, ny said... MARY MARY MARY!!! I love you totally. I NEED YOU!! I WANT YOU!! I LOVE YOU!! Happy Valentines Day (smooochees). from Freddie Quentin

Tue Feb 9 02:45:48 1999

Anne Marie Sheedy of Limerick, Ireland said... To whom it may concern, My name is Anne-Marie Sheedy and I am frantically looking for some bar work for the summer months in the Cape Cod area. I will be travelling with another Irish girl and we would be so much more at ease if we had someplace to work when we arrived. I would be extremely grateful if you could help us in our search for employment in any way. Awaiting your reply, Yours faithfully, Anne-Marie Sheedy

Sun Jan 31 18:23:47 1999

Stephen of Raynham, MA said... My family has vacationed in Dennis off of Taunton Ave., near Chapin Beach for the past two years. We look forward to returning this summer and we are looking for a rental cottage closer to Chapin Beach or Mayflower Beach. Please E-Mail me if anyone has any suggestions.

Mon Jan 25 15:15:12 1999

Melissa said... My e-mail is Thanks!!

Mon Jan 25 15:13:43 1999

melissa said... I'm looking to work on the cape this summer. I have experience in retail, waitressing and plenty of experience with children. I would love a job in any of those areas. I am also lloking for housing. I am available from the middle of May until the end of August. Please contact me with any information.

Thu Jan 21 13:17:06 1999

Rachael of South Yarmouth said... If any of you former Dennis Village Players are out there or come down to visit this summer, come say hi. I miss you guys! I work at Marshalls in South Dennis.

Wed Jan 13 10:59:33 1999

Ann of Dennis said... Does anyone in the Dennis community have any interest in Y2K community preparedness issues? I work in Boston and am finding that many town residents up here have already started weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings to address possible power outage issues etc. Thanks!

Fri Oct 30 10:17:01 1998

Rene Eiderdon of Ryebrook, NY said... Churchill and Goodygoody came for the holiday recreation. But they could not locate the door for the event. It seems they recalled Bowditch but could non parles Francais and lost Napier. Cest domage.

Sat Oct 3 21:03:11 1998

George M. Pharoah of Southwest Newport, RI said... The condo sounds great. But Jens Hoi says how much, how far, how many, WHEN?? I do not know about the time factor. And do they have a noodle shoppe anyway nearby?? Otherwise, yes, yes, yes!!!!!! It is a Royal nuisance however even the scum needs eat. OMYOMY!!! (screw it all, ugh)

Thu Oct 1 17:53:14 1998

Kathy Kopito of Weston, FL 33326 said... My husband and I are orginally from NY, relocated to MD in 1984, and to FL in 1995. We used to vacation in Cape Cod every year. We would like to exchange a week or two vacation time in Cape Cod for an equal time stay at our lovely condo on Marco Island, FL. Condo is 2 bedroom, 2 bath, first floor, modern, clean, 1 1/2 miles to beach. Exchange times are negotiable. Anyone interested?My husband and I are orginally from NY, relocated to MD in 1984, and to FL in 1995. We used to vacation in Cape Cod every year. We would like to exchange a week or two vacation time in Cape Cod for an equal time stay at our lovely condo on Marco Island, FL. Condo is 2 bedroom, 2 bath, first floor, modern, clean, 1 1/2 miles to beach. Exchange times are negotiable. Anyone interested?

Tue Sep 29 15:27:49 1998

Lu Pointsetta of somewhere said... hello from the cumc platform!!

Wed Sep 23 19:55:26 1998

Escargotte Golden of Fair Warning, India said... Rose's and Scargo!! Human Rights' Watch, the Algeria genocide, and North Korea famine are bearing down on your microwave FDA licenses. Try Goldstar; try Samsung.

Wed Sep 23 07:25:34 1998

Ree Lee of Arlen, MC said... It is an A not an H!! We won a place with the bidders. Here we go. To the circus, to the circus........ <>

Tue Sep 22 03:13:58 1998

Marilyn Eastland of steuben, ny said... KATHY SCHROCK, I was referred to your thorough webpage. And it seems to be a useful tool. However, I know the real reason it was constructed. TODAY, especially, you may think of all the people you FAILED to protect with your work. Does it protect anything that is part of your hospital? Does it really protect even the people who serve your local community college? And finally, to hit close to home, does it protect anyone who works at Wood s Hole Labs? I could go on and on about ATC and even highway construction; point made!! (Protected classes: drunks, druggies, their handholders, bar room denizans and their providers, prono makers and distributors, etc.etc.etc.) Welcome to your world!!

Thu Sep 17 03:22:11 1998

Hermie Miller of Andrews ATM, Cornwall, England said... Your father asked me to use his barroom. I don't drink and I teach subs for K12. Get someone else. Thank you!!

Thu Sep 17 03:19:39 1998

Linda Crete of athens, georgia said... Francis, your father is abusing and neglecting you. Call Miss Q!! Thank you.

Tue Sep 15 12:18:12 1998

Frank McNeil of South Dennis said... Just bought in S. Dennis, moving in the month. Need building codes for increasing living space (into attic space, expanding roof [maybe]. Also, if there is a 'grandfather' clause for existing stairs, with addition of kit spiral as an alternative access (not primary) Add some links to town offices (clerk, manager, police, fire, etc) the visitors who are internet connected will love you for it.

Mon Sep 14 13:20:06 1998

White Bread of Fredricton, NS said... Kisses and hugs to WeeMouse!!!

Thu Sep 10 05:04:18 1998

George Whytehouse of South Shore, AL said... Missing you, hunneebees and beesnees for you!! :-O

Fri Aug 21 00:02:31 1998

Danny Crane of Lyon, MN said... We're all alive, awake and totally sober here!! Hugs and kisses to you!!

Sat Aug 15 03:49:07 1998

Old Man Kabbage of Muellersberg, NM said... I don't feel like walking!!

Sat Jul 25 08:19:59 1998

Georgenn White of Avon, CT said... O, my dear, I spent all the postal budget with one big day. But I have the cash budget almost reorganized. Please hang together; more will come. I am sorry; I am sorry. Such neglect is impossible. NDooWVoo

Mon Jul 13 06:04:25 1998

Herald Austrailia of York, Penn said... The drunkard jewboy club seems to believe actors can describe diseases better than professional survirors. And we have yet another scam to fund their boozy barroom development scheme. You have a history with me!! Not one cent or even a photon from my resources, sicko!! FIT and HEALTHY!!

Sun Jul 5 08:30:21 1998

Etha Psiform of Carpathia, IA said... July 5, 1998 11:23EDT Does someone there recall the lyrics to South Pacific?? I know that there were many enchanted numbers. But I do not know all the lyrics. Thank you for the help on this.

Sat Jul 4 00:17:22 1998

Frances Napier of Tanker, TX said... The knight was about to barter his jousting spear for a bearskin rug. But Ira Hausen from the East said it was his. I said that since the rug was white it had to belong to the one who lived on the north end of the road. And then they both said, "Oh, be quiet and eat your cream pies!!" So we waited for the Chinese acrobats to finish their routine and sipped oolong teas. And then someone said they could not find the willow grove; what, the trees walked away?? (sob, sob) Sounds like a happy family party though. ....Another holiday!!

Wed Jul 1 05:50:20 1998

PINENEEDLE INN of homer, ny said... HOTS SHOTS!! Trench coat and corn muffin holiday banquet. You bring the wieners, and I''ll bring the buns. Cheese fondue for all!! See yiu there........

Tue Jun 30 04:25:59 1998

auralee of waterside, CT said... It looked exactly like you on the bus. Was it you? I was going to follow but the hair was much messier than you usually are. And so I figured it was a double. Come back, come back!! See you soon.

Sat Jun 27 06:47:08 1998

screaming rod of Lenox Hill, NY said... Oboy!! The INCA marketing team is desperately seeking WALTER. I do Albert; I do Albert!! Enough, already......

Wed Jun 24 19:39:15 1998

ulysses of south dennis said... Someone piddled over Alice's pond; it is absolutely filled with algae!! NONO!! Hey, MA, I am arived back from my great rolling bicycle expedition safe and sound; whew!! HAPPY Birthday, bear hugs, smoochies, tickletickle..... See you soon. ;-]) Missing YOU, yes YOU!!!!!!!

Sun May 17 08:42:22 1998

Cape Sitters Service said... Sorry- this is the address- it didn't post on my message

Sun May 17 08:39:18 1998

of Mid Cape Area said... ATTENTION SUMMER VISITORS: If you are visiting Cape Cod and need a reliable sitter, we have OCCS qualified teachers available nights and weekend hours. Please e-mail me for more information.

Thu Mar 12 14:24:32 1998

Leslie of East Dennis said... HUGE YARD SALE on Saturday March 21 Opens at 9:30 AM - Moving In Sale!! Lots of furniture, antiques, garden tools, metal detector, Objects D'art, Waher & Dryer, windsurfer, Scuba gear, wetsuit, Something for everyone!! 592A Commercial St. in Ptown adjacent to the DNA Gallery (on Bradford st) The Washer and Dryer, windsurfer, are located in East Dennis right now. If you have any interest in them, please call ahead at 617-722-9708 or email

Fri Feb 27 15:48:42 1998

Dennis of Campbell River, B.C. said... I'd just like to thank you all for naming your wonderful town after me!

Wed Feb 4 22:18:22 1998

JEN of WALTHAM, MA said... HELLO! My name is Jen and I am currently a senior at Bentley College looking forward to graduating in May. I am living in South Yarmouth for the summer and I would like to know if there are any jobs available either as a cocktail watiress or bartender. I have experience in waitressing and I intend on going to Bartending school before the summer. I am a hard worker and I would really like to know if anyone has any ideas on where I could start out with minimal bartending experience or if any employer would be willing to give me a chance. My email address is and I would appreciate any information. Thanks!

Wed Jan 28 10:31:33 1998

EYE of Concord, MA said... I've always loved The Cape, I need help finding one of my best friends in high school!! PLEASE, if anyone knows Jessie Gelinas, a 1982 grad of CCHS-Concord-Carlisle High School, please tell her to call Eye at (702) 396-4972 and leave me her # I'ts VERY IMPORTANT that I get in touch with her!! It's been way too long. Tamo, remember the silver ball!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Fri Jan 9 01:29:34 1998

John of South Yarmouth said... I seldom see people on these BB's (to Eben). I sell houses on the Cape and the market here is crazy right now. Homes that didn't sell 4 years ago are now selling for prices unheard of since the 80's. E-mail me if you do not think you can get out of your home clean. You may be very surprised.

Tue Jan 6 13:19:00 1998

Eben of Dennis said... This must surly be the site least visited. It seems that my fellow townspeople have nothing to say. I really wonder if anyone knows this site is here.Ebe

Thu Dec 11 18:21:33 1997


Wed Dec 10 00:03:52 1997

Hilda of Charlotte, NC said... Men! Cure your menopausal problems and save your families. A devorce costs 150K -- The cure costs $19.00. This is the greatest present you can give to your wife. Act Now! Web Site

Wed Dec 3 09:50:50 1997

Andrew said... family owns a cottage in the Dennisport area and rent it out for the summer....we are from the troy, n.y. me and maybe we can help you out...good luck!

Wed Dec 3 09:45:59 1997

Andrew LaPosta of troy said... I surrently a freshman at Manhattan College in the Bronx area. My family has owned a cottage and vacationed in the Dennisport area for over 15 years. I am interested in any summer employment opportunities that anyone is willing to offer. If you have any information or are looking for reliable summer help, please email me. Thank you.

Sat Nov 29 14:31:39 1997

Eben of Dennis said... I would hope that we as voters will vote DOWN the request for a storefront library and suport the village libraries. We should our efforts and tax dollars in thoselibraries and get them up to date. Then when we build the new central Library we can just plug them in. Also, the dirty politics of the Library Board MUST stop. Be honest or get of the board. Thanks , I'd be interested in hearing what other residents think of the library issue.

Sat Nov 29 14:21:54 1997


Tue Nov 4 10:23:33 1997

Mon Nov 3 22:02:35 1997

P.Daly of Dennisport said... Looking for an opportunity on Cape to exhibit my 25 years of retail business experience now enhanced by the knowlege of Word, Excel, Access.

Sun Oct 19 23:50:04 1997

Brie Zeltner of Novelty, Ohio said... I am looking for an internship in the veterinary field for the summer of 1998 on the Cape. I am currently in my first year at Wellesley College and am interested in a veterinary career. I need experience! Thank you for any information!

Fri Aug 22 17:06:20 1997

Chris Chirokas of Westford, MA said... My ancestors lived on Ferry Street in W. Dennis from the early 1800's until the 1920's. I believe the house was built by Hiram Kelley (or O'Kelley), who lived with his wife Abagail Howes and their children. His son David Howes Kelley lived in the house with his wife Mary Ann Kelley, where they raised their family, including my grandmother Ethel Kelley. I would love any advice on genealogy resources available at the local library or historical society. I've contacted the town clerk's office. Thank you!

Sat Jun 28 08:52:12 1997

Sigitas of Lithuania said... This summer I'll going to visit girlfriend in Chatham.By the way will be great earn somme money(5-7USD/h). I am 35/m engineer from Lithuania. Electric instal., house hold, car problems, electronics (radio, audio, satellite) maintening, installing. No smoking, no drinks. You do not be deceived- I am gold hand master! Your save money guaranteed. Resume by request. Sigitas. Kaunas, Lithuania, tel.:37097-43934 email: All propositions wellcome.

Fri Jun 6 20:18:54 1997

Patti of Saratoga, NY said... Can anyone tell me if there are any cardiac rehabilitation centers in Dennis or immediate area. I am researching this for a friend who recently had bypass surgery. Please email me at

Sun Jun 1 17:03:50 1997

Jeffrey of Dennis said... I am selling a 14' Mkee (like a Boston Whaler) it is powered by a 60hp Evinrude. Its on a trailer. It's in good condition. I'm looking for 2000. or trade for a sail boat of equal value.

Tue May 20 12:08:14 1997

wm thompson of denniport said... I'm selling one 1972 50 hp. johnson outboard engine. powerhead seized up.Lowerunit and the rest of the engine still in great shape.plaese contact me if interested!!

Sun Apr 6 20:10:31 1997

Jim Carmody of Port Huron , Michigan said... We are planning our first vacation on the Cape for the last two weeks in July. We would like to get some GOOD information on where to rent a two bedroom cottage or condo in Brewster, or any other cape bay area. Two adults and two boys-12 and 14. We are avid cyclists who are looking for a laid back, relaxing vacation, so info. on traffic and crowds would also be appreciated. Thank You in Advance

Fri Mar 14 14:17:58 1997

Mark Bonczek of Auburn said... I am looking for any family that might need a house nanny for the summer. If there is anyone that may need this service please contact me. Thank you.

Fri Mar 14 10:45:10 1997

Jim Allen of Bloomfield, CT said... Looking for a summer (possibly permanent) job anywhere on the Cape. Any suggestions?, mail me at

Sat Feb 15 04:25:25 1997

M. Masi of Yarmouth Port said... Will drive for you. Professional returning from Miami area in April. 30 yrs exp. Perfect driving record. email:

Sun Feb 2 18:28:20 1997

Marion Scargo of Almere, Holland said... Dear Sir, my name is John Guitoneau and I live in Almere the Netherlands. I am married with MARION SCARGO. She is 42 years old and when I told here about what I found on the internet about Lake Scargo and Scargo Manor she was surprised that here name was well know in Cape Cod. Here great great grand fathers name was: SIMON JOHN SCARGO. We have a marriage-certificate from 1838 which tells us that he married Maartje de Boer. He was born on July 3rd 1808 in Middlesex in Great Brittain. Can you please give us some more information about the name Scargo.? Why is it called "Scargo Lake"? Who was this person in Cape Cod.? Is it perhaps a relative to my wife. ? Can you also give is information about Scargo Manor. ? We are very very interested to hear from you. I have no other way to speak of phone to you so I do it this way. I am willing to pay for it. ? You can send the information to my e-mail adress or send it to: MARION SCARGO MIDDENHOF 148 1354 EP ALMERE HOLLAND

Sun Aug 18 20:04:32 1996

Vacation Center of Dennisport MA said... visit here: Register for a FREE Cape vacation NOW!!!!

Tue Jul 30 08:54:14 1996

Michele of So. Plainfield, NJ said... Hi - Will be visiting Dennisport August 17 to 24th. Staying at THE GARLANDS, does anyone know anything about it, also would love restaurant and activity recommendations. We will be travelling with our 2 daughters, 11 & 14. We love the Cape

Tue Jun 11 16:54:02 1996

Adam of Toronto said... Do you have any suggestions about vacation spots for family with children between 2 and 3 years old?

Sat Apr 27 19:43:28 1996

Veronica of Albany, NY said... I'm having a terrible time finding out about vacation spots, resorts, hotels, etc. in Dennis. Any suggestions for a family with 2 children under the age of 5?

Mon Apr 15 22:46:40 1996

Dave of Brewster said... Hey to you Leslie!!!

Mon Apr 15 22:45:45 1996

Leslie of Dennis said... Leslie doesn't want to say anything except Hey!